This is a list of my published fiction to date, most recent to earliest:


  • Jack Scarlet: Deepfire (2017) Modern pulp-style action-adventure.
  • Royal Crush (2015) Book 3 of the revived Jason Cosmo fantasy adventure series.
  • Magicka: The Ninth Element (2013) A tale of Wizards set in the world of the Paradox Interactive computer game Magicka.
  • Jason Cosmo-Royal Chaos-Dirty Work (2011) An omnibus ebook edition of my first three books, aka the Classic Jason Cosmo Non-Trilogy.
  • Noble Cause (2011) Re-continuing the relaunched adventures of Jason Cosmo.
  • Hero Wanted (2009) A revised version of Jason Cosmo the book, relaunching the adventures of fantasy hero Jason Cosmo.
  • Dirty Work (1993) More adventures of Jason Cosmo — and where the series comes to an untimely end. I call these first three my Non-Trilogy because the series ended at three books — but not on purpose.
  • Royal Chaos (1990) The adventures of Jason Cosmo continue.
  • Jason Cosmo (1989) My first novel! The comedic adventures of fantasy hero Jason Cosmo begin.

Novellas & Short Stories:

  • ‘Glass Darkly and the Skull in the Box’ (2017) a dark fantasy / horror tale included in The Rise of the Phoenix anthology from Gilded Dragonfly Books. (Short Story)
  • One Night in Zanfar (2015) A fantasy pirate tale set in the high epic fantasy world of Shaintar, a role-playing game setting created by my good friend Sean Patrick Fannon. (Novella)
  • Sarah Palin: Vampire Hunter (2010) A pop culture train wreck wherein the former Governor of Alaska shoots up a town full of sparkly vampires. (Novella)
  • Bullets for Breakfast (2009) A very short Jack Scarlet adventure. One action scene, really. (Flash Fiction)
  • A Cold, Cold Place to Die (2009) A Jack Scarlet flash fiction vignette. (Flash Fiction)
  • Rainy Daze (2009) A Jason Cosmo tale, set between chapters of Hero Wanted. (Novella)
  • Beginner’s Luck (2009) A bit of humorous horror about a would-be serial killer. (Short Story)

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