My Really Big Announcement

by RDM on May 24, 2013

Greetings, Loyal Reader!

Dan McGirt holds a copy of his book Hero WantedI’ll get right to it: by the end of June I will leave my current job and will be, henceforth, a full-time author and publisher.

This is a momentous move I have long wanted to make, long planned for, and which is long overdue.

For me, the implications are many (including a possible increase in my consumption of ramen noodles1) but I want to discuss what it means for you, Loyal Reader!

The short version is this: barring some tragic reversal of Greek myth proportions, I will soon be writing more stories, writing them faster, and getting them out to Loyal Readers sooner.

For fans of Jason Cosmo, this means no more multi-year waits between books. It means I also can write the various short stories and mini-novels I have sketched out that will expand the Cosmoverse and explore the characters who inhabit it.

It means, at long last … BOLTBLASTER!

Beyond Jason Cosmo, there are other books that have been bubbling in my head for many a year, such as my Jack Scarlet series of modern technopulp adventures, a comical series focused on supernatural investigations, an over-the-top space opera (with ray guns!), and more. Much more.

I aim to write them all!

Not all at once, mind you! But I’ve got so many projects on the back burner it’s a fire hazard. I need to write these stories just to free up some space in my brain, if nothing else. (It beats trepanation.2)

You know how frustrating it is waiting for a story to continue … be it waiting for the next issue of a comic, the next book in a series, or next week’s episode of your favorite show. It is just as frustrating having an imagination full of tales to tell, and no time to tell them. So I very much look forward to publishing more stories more often for more readers to enjoy.

There you have it — my Really Big Announcement! (Sure, it may be bigger for me than for you …) I’m excited to take this leap. You don’t have to jump off the cliff with me — but I hope you will pull up a chair and enjoy the show. Whether I fly high or crash and burn, it’s sure to be entertaining!

Best regards,

Dan McGirt

PS: I discuss in more detail what this means for the Jason Cosmo series at

  1. Or maybe not! []
  2. I need that like I need another hole in my head. []

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